Do the legs suit IKEA furniture?
LFS legs are designed to suite moste pieces of furniture. Before your purchase, make sure that your piece of furniture has mating holes drilled for M8 screws. If it does not have them, it is enough to use the slab attached to the order. The slab is universal and suites all furniture that is equipped with a hard frame at the bottom. The slab shall be fastened to the furniture frame and then the leg can be installed; in case of a chest of drawers, it is enough to fasten the slab to every edge.

Can you see the products somewhere?
Unfortunately, we do not have any place to present our products. You can meet us at various interior design fairs.  News about the fairs will be always published in Facebook and in our newsletter.

Where are Little Form Studio products made?
All our products are made in Poland


How long does the delivery of my product take?
We start processing your order immediately after we receive it. If the product is in our warehouse, the shipment is ready within 24 h after the money enters our bank account. Otherwise the waiting time for ordered products may be up to 5 weeks. We do everything to make delivery time as short as possible.

Can I cancel the order?
If, whatever the reason, you would like to cancel the order, please contact us at: bok@littleformstudio.com

How can I check whether my order has been already shipped?
The moment the courier collects your goods, the company sends you information to the e-mail address provided when placing your order about the delivery date.

Can I change any data about my order?
You can make changes in your account only when the goods have not been sent yet.

I didn’t get my order, what can I do?
You should contact the courier and after doing so, write to our Customer Service department. (bok@littleformstudio.com)


Which cards do you accept?
We accept Visa and Mastercard.

Is it possible to order cash on delivery
Unfortunately this payment method is not available.

Why has my payment been rejected?
A payment can be rejected due to various reasons. First, check whether we accept your type of card (Visa or Mastercard). Then check that you have provided correct card data and your Polish mailing address. If you have received an error code, contact us. In case the system continues to reject the payment, it may be due to your bank.

In case of cancelling the order or a return of the products, when can I expect to get the money return?
The money is usually returned within 14 work days after we collect the ordered products or after the order cancellation.

Which account will the money be returned to?
The money is returned to the account from which your mayment was made.


How can I return a product?
The product can be returned not later than within 30 days after its receipt. The product shall be returned in its original packaging and without traces of its usage. If it is not ensured, we will be forced to deduct costs of packaging, administration, and resale. Hence we recommend to fold and preserve the packagings until becoming sure that you want to keep the product.


What to do if the delivered product is faulty?
I do all my best to deliver you products of the highest quality. Due to reasons independent of us it may happen that the product gets damaged during the transport. If the items you receive have a damaged packaging, are incomplete (insufficient number of packages) or damaged outside by the carrier, it is obligatory to ask the courier for a complaint protocol and fill in the form in right away in the presence of the courier. The damage protocol should include: the date and hour of the delivery, list of protective measures inside the box, as well as a description of noticed damages or lacks in the goods, together with their brands and models. Please take photos with your mobile phone and send them immediately together with a copy of the form to bok@littleformstudio.com. In such a situation you can refuse to collect the delivery and the courier takes the package back after the completion of the protocol. Immediately after we get the information from our Customer, we will try to send the goods again or return the money already paid for them. If the package has an undamaged external packaging, but after unpacking it it turns out that the product is damaged, you should also write the damage protocol preferably in the presence of the courier. In such a case please send us an e-mail with a copy of the form and a photo of the damaged items to bok@littleformstudio.com.

Can I collect the product personally?
Unfortunately we do not have such an option at this moment.

What is the delivery cost?
The cost of the delivery depends on the shipment location – a precise sum for the delivery will be displayed the moment you approve your order online.