Usage of the e-shop of LITTLE FORM STUDIO
All Internet users of the e-shop of LITTLE FORM STUDIO shall remain anonymous until they decide otherwise. Information received by the shop about its users result from general rules of connections in Internet, i.e., information contained in system logs, e.g., the IP address and by the e-shop of LITTLE FORM STUDIO used for technical purposes connected with the administration of servers. Moreover, IP addresses are used to collect general data, statistical, and demographic information (e.g., about the region from which the connection is initiated). Such information is totally safe for the User and it guarantees him a complete anonymity.

Realisation of orders in the LITTLE FORM STUDIO e-shop
An Internet user who decides to do his/her shopping becomes a Customer of the LITTLE FORM STUDIO e-shop. When ordering products in the LITTLE FORM STUDIO e-shop, the Customer registers in the shop and agrees to the collection and processing of his/her personal data included in the form by LITTLE FORM STUDIO pursuant to the act of 29 August 1997, the Personal Data Protection Law (Dz. U. of 2002, No. 101, item 926 as amended) only to realise the order (sales agreement), issue the sales proof, and ship the goods. Data provided by the Customer shall not be transferred or sold to any third persons. The Customer who has registered in the LITTLE FORM STUDIO e-shop shall have the right to access his/her personal data, correct it, or demand its deletion

Little Form Studio newsletter subscription
The user who decides to subscribe the newsletters from the LITTLE FORTM STUDIO e-shop agrees to receive marketing materials sent to him/her in an electronic way (on the basis of art. 8 item 1 of the at of 18 July 2002, Electronic Services Law (Dz. U. 144 No. 1204, item 2002).

The newsletter is a free service entailing a notification of the subscribed users about latest news, discounts, sales, competitions, events, collections, and all other information connected with activities of the LITTLE FORM STUDIO e-shop by means of a periodical mailing of the content with electronic means in the form of an electronic letter. The subscription of the newsletter is confirmed by the User by means of clicking the link received in the e-mail sent to the e-mail address provided by him/her or by means of ticking an appropriate box confirming the agreement during the registration process in the LITTLE FORM STUDIO e-shop and it is equivalent to the User’s consent to receive the free newsletter; the LITTLE FORM STUDIO e-shop shall not transfer or sell the e-mail addresses of its Customers to any third persons. The User shall have the right to resign from the newsletter service at any moment. The subscription can be cancelled by means of clicking “Unsubscribe” at the bottom of every sent electronic letter. The elimination of the User’s e-mail address from the address database shall take place immediately and it shall be confirmed with a special message certifying the operation.

The LITTLE FORM STUDIO e-shop shall reserve the right to send advertisements and commercial information with the newsletter according to the act of 18 July 2002, the Electronic Services Law (Dz.U. No. 144, item 1204 of 2002) to the e-mail address of the User; to temporarily suspend the newsletter service if it is necessary due to technical reasons (e.g., maintenance, modifications, or repairs in the system), to completely stop rendering the newsletter service after a prior notification of its users, without specifying a reason of it; delete an account whose user has violated the By-Laws of the LITTLE FORM STUDIO e-shop or the law applicable in the Republic of Poland, or undertakes actions disturbing the usage of the service by other users.

Collection and utilisation of cookie files.
The LITTLE FORM STUDIO e-shop shall use Cookie files to collect information on using the service by the Customer or another natural person.
Cookies mean IT data, especially small text files saved and stored in devices with the help of which the service user, the Customer, uses websites of the service and they make the following possible:

  • maintain the Customer’s session (after logging in) thanks to which the Customer does not have to repeat the login and password on every sub-site of the service,
  • adjust and optimise the service for the needs of Customers and other persons using the service,
  • personalisation of marketing messages,
  • ensure the security and reliability of the service functioning.

The service utilises session Cookies that get deleted after the closure of the Internet browser, as well as permanent ones, which are saved in the devices with which the user/Customer uses the Internet service for a specified period of time.

The service user, the Customer can change settings concerning cookies on his/her own and at any moment, determining conditions for their storage and obtaining an access via cookies to the User’s device. Changes in the settings mentioned in the previous sentence can be made by the User with the help of settings in his/her Internet browser or with the help of the configuration of the service. Such settings can be changed especially in a way to block the automatic servicing of the cookies in the Internet browser’s settings, or notify about every saving of cookies in the User’s device. Detailed information on possibilities and methods of servicing cookies are available in the settings of the software (Internet browser).

The user may eliminate cookies at any moment with appropriate functions in the Internet browser he/she uses.

A limited application of cookies may affect some functions available in the shop’s website.

The shop also uses cookies attached by the company’s partners and facilitating the personalisation of the advertisement activities and settling their effects. The shop may use the personalised retargeting (RTB).
The user has the possibility to unsubscribe the applied retargeting at