I am here to offer help and support. In case of lodging a complaint, I will take care for the whole process to proceed at a highest and most satisfying level.

Making complaints

In order to facilitate the handling of your complaint your email should include the following information :

  • Name and surname,
  • Mailing address, e-mail address where the reply to the complaint shall be sent to, if you wish to receive a reply to your complaint by e-mail,
  • The date of purchasing the product,
  • Type of the product complained against,
  • A precise description of the defect and date of its confirmation,
  • Your demand and the preferred way of notifying you about the complaint solution method (e.g., by e-mail or by post).

I would like to ask you to deliver the faulty product and its purchase evidence together with your complaint. It can be, e.g., a copy of the fiscal receipt of invoice, a printout from your payment card, or another evidence which can be helpful to determine circumstances including: the date of sale, type of the sold product, its price.

In order to submit the complaint, you can use the complaint form:

Example complaint form

However the utilisation of this complaint form is not necessary to submit a complaint. It only constitutes an example, which your do not have to use when submitting your complaint, but which you should more or less copy.

The form filled in shall be sent back to:

ul. Marszałkowska 4 lok.8
00-590 Warszawa
with a note: COMPLAINTS

or to 

Take care to protect the product appropriately so that it does not get damaged during the transport. The product complained against should be clean and dry.

Address the parcel and send it to:

ul. Gieysztora 2/48,
02-999 Warszawa
with a note: COMPLAINTS

Complaint handling policy

You will be notified about the method of the handling of your claims defined in the complaint immediately, but not later than within 14 days after the date of the receipt of the complaint.

In case of a failure to accept the complaint or its solution contrary to your demands, you may ask the Seller to reconsider it.

Transport damage report

In case of detecting any damages or lacks in the content of the package, draw up a courier damage protocol.

The courier should possess an appropriate protocol template. It is the best to perform it in the moment of the package receipt. In case of detecting damages of the content of the package after the courier has already left you, you should contact the courier company (its telephone is always included in the waybill) and demand the courier to come back to you to write down the protocol.

Fill in the damage report protocol during the delivery. Call the info-line of the given courier company or send an email attaching a scanned copy of the damage protocol and a scan of the transport damage report form. Then contact us by writing to to determine the possibility to vindicate claims for the damaged goods.

There are two possibilities:

1.You submit the request for a compensation for the package damage to the courier company. 2.You give up rights to vindicate a compensation for a damage to the goods from the courier company and transfer the right to Little Form Studio – contact us by e-mail in such a case: